deep drawn & progress die stamping

ES&M conveniently located in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York, has been specializing in medium to high volume Metal Stamping since 1970. Specializing in Deep Drawn & Progressive Die Stamping with capacities to 400 tons, let us put our knowledge and expertise to work for your production needs. The Stamping Dept. is equipped with a multitude of servo, high speed, mechanical, and hydraulic stamping press ranging from 30 to 400 tons. With made in the U.S.A. quality, ES&M assures that our customers’ products will be held to the highest quality standards. ES&M utilizes Automation with In-Die Sensors, contact and non-contact sensors. We also specialize in secondary put and take operations when parts cannot be completed in a progressive die. Based on the size and complexity of the part, ES&M will recommend the lowest cost and highest quality way to produce your parts. We utilize the most modern equipment and techniques of production inspections that meet or exceed ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

Various metal stamping parts
stamped metal
stainless steel metal stamping parts